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Brief Biography of Famous Modern Living Room Furniture Designers

Many famous designers influenced what type of living room furniture we would set in today. Some of the most famous people who created new lines of home interior items after the 20th century include the architects listed below.

Charles Le Corbusier

This man in is considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture. When it comes to living room furniture sofas, this man could be thought of as a genius.

Since the last 1920s, he has influenced the mass production of a very popular living room furniture design that accommodates most needs. An assortment sofas and corresponding arm chairs first designed by him are still sold today, and for very good reason.

This man has helped create a new trend of timeless elegance that is far different than the types of home décor that was used previously. He designed for a company called Thonet during the 1930s.

George Nelson

This man is probably most known for his famous clocks, such as the Eye Clock, Star Clock, or Mulitcoloured ball Clock. He produced endless variations of these as well as other designer timepieces while he worked for Herman Miller in the 1940s onward.

Aside from clocks, he also is known for his fun Marshmallow Sofa, which first came out in 1956. His colleagues and influences of his time included Charles and Ray Eames, Eliot Noyes, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Florence Knoll

This well-known designer was educated under Mies Van De Rohe and Eliel Saarinen. After she began to create her own line of sofas she seemed to become famous practically overnight. In the 1950s some of her finest work was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art.

In addition to sofas, she also created several variations of popular arm chairs and glass coffee tables. Many of these designs are still produced today and placed in homes all around the world.

Charles Eames

Everyone knows about the famous Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This has long been a comfortable living room favorite. This man worked under some of the most influential people of his time and seemed to learn very fast.

He was recognized as a person who had an eye and mind for what he did. Not many other architects could match him. One of his major influences was Eilel Saarinen, who was the same person who taught Florence Knoll.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The Great Depression was not about to get this famous living room furniture designer and architect down. This period in history probably was actually the highlight of his career.

In 1929, e had fashioned the Barcelona Chair just then for the King and Queen of Spain, and this item is often sold today with a corresponding stool. He museum status worldwide and has also created a very popular coffee table still used today.

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