Small spaces in a house offer you a great advantage: they are by default more friendly to the eye and accessible at all times, so your main goal should be to decorate them in such a way that they can be a little jewel spot for you, a cozy and smart retreat, a place where the eye can travel smoothly and enjoyably around. Decorating small living spaces is not always easy, but on the other hand it can be an extremely creative and lovely endeavor.

Versatility and flexibility are the cornerstones of a small space interior design, as the room available is by default small; thus you need to be able to work and function freely having everything in well appointed and practical positions. Thinking big in a small place can end up in disaster and when referring to your place you definitely deserve something better than that.

Your house is your ivory tower and a vaulting spot; you need to be able to unwind, relax and move freely in an unhampered and friendly space. Just think how many times you found yourself in a place that was small and cute, smartly decorated so as to avail the best of it, and you imagined feeling equally comfortably and warm at your house, where everything has a meaning and a positive impact. Everything is a result of smartly decorating small living spaces.

The truth is that you can always find some plausible solutions when it comes to decorating small living spaces. There are some elements that make a huge difference when it comes to spatially challenged houses and rooms; first of all, the lighting: the proper lighting is the cornerstone of every decoration in the house. No matter how smart pieces of furniture you choose, or no matter how great your style is, lame lighting can actually destroy all your efforts. It’s not about fancy lights and lamps. It’s about making the right choices and decorating small living spaces in order to create the right ambience and atmosphere in the room.

When decorating small living spaces it’s always a good idea to opt for small furniture that can accentuate the available space. Avoiding bulky things or too compact pieces of furniture is probably required because creating a loud result in a small space can be very awkward. Slim lines and streamlined pieces can always make a difference and can be a very smart solution in your home, tricking the eye and making your given space look and feel larger.

When decorating small living spaces, you should always keep in mind that multi-functionality is an issue. It’s better to have a few pieces that can be used in different ways, rather than having one piece for a particular job. A small desk in the living or sitting room can be an excellent alternative to the kitchen table; a small armoire in the hallway can provide you with additional storage room in a space where storage room can be an issue.

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