According to Experts forecast the next 10 years, China will have 33% of households moved into new houses, which means there are 2.6 million each year over the kitchen appliances to replacement. On just a whole kitchen, the next 5 years, 29% of urban families to buy a whole kitchen, the market space will reach 58 billion yuan. However, China’s national conditions, the kitchen appliances even though the number is one auxiliary Pin Sale, but most of the domestic, the thousand dollars, “dishwasher”, “disinfection cabinet,” so pretty for most families is dispensable luxury household items, and because some of the product itself insufficient, is expected to popular in the domestic product function or the need for improvement and implementation of unknown time; but stove and range hood product prices relatively moderate, it is an indispensable kitchen appliance products, and similar products in most homes are also to replacement period, the market should still have wide-area space.

Statistics show that over the next five years, China will have 100 000 000 000 kitchen and bath industry’s market share. Whether China’s kitchen companies pocketed the 100 billion big cake, eyeing the international kitchen brand, the Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry, how will initiate action is unknown, but the future is indeed a huge market opportunity should not be ignored. Kitchen manufacturers in China, as long as want to will have the opportunity.

“Health, energy saving, environmental protection” as the theme

2005 study into health, energy saving, environmental protection had become a propaganda mainstream of the development kitchen appliances, related products is endless. Although the Government of the kitchen appliances have not issued such documents binding, but many companies have felt the energy crisis brought about by the sense of urgency and opportunity, Recognizing that consumers select products during the product’s health, energy saving, environmental protection attention to technical bottleneck for the breakthrough, put a lot of energy.

Kitchen electrical integration, intelligent innovation Early as three years ago, the integration of electronic package on the popular kitchen. In the Gome and Suning stores and other appliances that style of uniform, functional and harmonious sets of kitchen appliances in modern kitchen, beautiful scenery. Dealers said many home appliances, consumers are no longer as before for the purchase of range hood, gas stove, and sterilization container and other kitchen appliances and “separate rush”, and integrated kitchen electrical package, not only solved the complete set of consumers in the election When I do not know how to purchase kitchen appliances with the problem, but also to achieve a harmonious unity of the kitchen styles, popular among consumers.

But in the pursuit of market interests, we can not ignore the unique lifestyle of Chinese consumers. As most consumers constrained by economic level, and consumption of food and some peculiar habits, makes dishwashers, sterilization container and other products are still a number of high-priced brink of people’s lives can not be poured into the homes of ordinary people, but as people increase in income and the improvement of quality of life demands, this will be a pressing area to be developed. In addition, after entering in 2006, the original kitchen on the basis of integration, intelligent enterprise search market has become a new bright spot. This feature in terms of large appliances or small appliances all have distinct performance. Concerned that not only representatives of business intelligence products, the improvement of existing technologies, but also reflects the business-to-capture sensitivity to consumer demand. Therefore, the intelligent kitchen appliances is expected to become the new starting line the next round of competition.

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