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Feng Shui Your Room – Easy Feng Shui For Your Living Room

Feng Shui Your Room

For many people the living room is the main feature of their house. It is where any guests people have will be entertained but also where people like to relax and recharge. So it is important that the room looks good and has a relaxing feel to it. And there is a way to make any room flow nicely and have that relaxed feel to it, and that is to follow these easy feng shui tips.

Over ten thousand years old, feng shui is an ancient art of the Chinese, and something which has found popularity all over the world. The principal behind it is really simple. There is believed to be a constant flow of energy in nature, both positive and negative. Obviously you do not want the negative energy, and by arranging the furniture of a room in a specific way, you can turn this into positive energy.

As the sitting room is where the family will spend time together there is bound to be a lot of furniture. This can make it difficult to position everything correctly, but it is worth doing it. When a room has good, balanced energy, everyone who spends time in it will benefit from good health, a happy life and good fortune with money.

First of all, the living room should always be on the ground floor. And preferably, it should not be visible from the main door of the home. The personal rooms such as the living room and bedrooms should be as far away from the main door as possible. But these things are almost impossible to change after a house has been built. Feng Shui Your Room

One thing people use this for is to increase their wealth. How your furniture is positioned can have a direct affect on this. The left hand side of a room when standing at the entrance is where this area is located. If there is a second doorway there then you have bad energy. It represents a way for your money to escape through, meaning your wealth can slowly seep away. But this can be solved by placing a large plant there and keeping it in good shape.

You want the room to flow, so this means that all the furniture should be positioned in a way that does not obstruct the passage to any part of it. Now you should have all the seats facing away from the main door of your house and the room, but also facing away from any windows. You do not want two couches facing one another as this brings stress visitors who are strangers to each other. A good position for two couches is in the shape of the letter l.

You should not position your couches under the structural beams of the ceiling if they are visible. Feng shui dictates that this places pressure on the bread winners of the house hold, and will negatively affect your wealth.

Hopefully these tips will give you some idea of how to lay out your furniture. And if you do so, you and your family are sure to have healthy happy lives for years to come. Feng Shui Your Room

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