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How To Feng Shui A Room – How to Feng Shui Your Living Room

How To Feng Shui A Room

After the kitchen, the living room sees more activity than any other room in the house. It is the center of family life and of the household’s social life, and so it is especially important that everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. Feng shui can help with this by giving you guidelines on how to arrange the furniture, choose the decorations and pick the color scheme.

Best Locations

If you have a choice, pick the largest room available for the living room. To support the activity that’s going to happen here, you want everyone to have some elbow room, and that may mean having enough room between chairs and end tables for pets and small children to dash around. It also usually means keeping furniture to a minimum, because it is also important to have space to pull in extra chairs and make room for quests at parties. And as with all rooms, it is best to leave the center of the room relatively empty. This is even more important if your family room is small.

The next consideration is which part of the house to put the living room in. The energies of the South-East, South, South-West and West are best. A South-East or South space will be energetic, and if you like to have large parties, South is best. South-West spaces will be calming, and more likely to be harmonious. So if your family has been known to argue, a South-West living room might help keep the peace. If you are single and seeking romance, a room to the West will help pull in the romantic energy from that direction. West is also just a generally good direction for pleasures of all kinds, so it would be good for book clubs, wine parties, and other specialized interest groups. How To Feng Shui A Room

Decorating a Living Room

Living rooms are under the guise of tree energy in feng shui, so anything that goes up and down will work in your favor. This means torchiere lights, striped wallpaper, tall floor lights, long curtains and tall plants. Natural fibers like a wood floor, wool rugs and wood tables and other furnishings are consistent with this influence, too. If you have a tall ceiling, you are even more at an advantage. While curtains are good, do not let them get too ornate or bulky as they will inhibit the flow of chi through the room. For the same reason, keep clutter to a minimum.

Sofas and chairs should be pointed towards the South-East and East. Your furniture should be more yin than yang, so overstuffed, soft, round chairs and sofas and end tables are best. Cushions are good, too. If you want to vary the green theme of the room, pick purples and cream.

Almost every family room has a television in it now, and most have entertainment centers and other electronic toys. Because these items give off negative chi it is always recommended to have some large plants in a family room to offset the unhealthy electro-magnetic waves. Plants are also good because they support tree energy, and they are even better when they force you to open up the windows and let the light in, as this makes any living room more inviting. How To Feng Shui A Room

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