Precisely for this reason often are invested in energy in order to customize and style as much as possible these environments those are so important to our lives. But the trends in the field of design and interior decoration are focusing increasingly on the characteristics of the materials. 
One material that is living a second life is surely the furniture leather. In addition to the fashion trends that we can easily see looking around wherever this material is coming back in vogue even in furniture not only as a carpet of skin or leather sofas but also with alternative purposes and special and innovative uses. 
Light, dark, twisted, processed variants of these materials are truly endless and thus its applications are very numerous and go far beyond the classical ones that come from the world of vintage ’60s, which was limited to the imagination and spotted leopard and all ‘use cowhide rugs and sofas. The leather can adapt perfectly to any type of style of home furnishings from the classic with warm colors and rounded up to the modern and contemporary lines in a standard black leather corner sofas, or the beautiful chaise longue that in many cases inevitably have replaced the classic armchairs.

Many architects and designers who have greatly expanded the uses of the leather, for example, used as a cover for an internal staircase handrail or as a coating or structure for chairs elegant and innovative. The colors and work have done the rest in the field of personalization and taste-oriented customer service and consumer protection. 
But surely the most innovative applications is one that sees various types of hides and leather used as floor covering with types of work that may vary per room waterproofing or through application of personal taste. 
These processes of the skin and its application as a piece of furniture perhaps combined with precious furnishing fabrics for curtains or as wall decorations can make really warm and welcoming even the most barren environments giving a personal touch and taste completely original and unique to any home. It is certain, however, that the new trends reinventing this material, giving them new colors and new patterns, and then alongside the more traditional proposals such as chairs and cowhide rugs are eccentric furnishings where the leather takes the shape of the plastic. 
Very original carpets and upholstery that are based not on their original shapes or the colors but on a mixture of materials: wonderful works of art are the carpets stay braided leather and wool, or cotton and colored leather, creating a unique and pleasant mix of tradition and modernity. Dates back to the dawn of time the art of weaving carpets with the materials available to create fantasies enriched by reflections peculiarities of each material used. 

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