When you plan to paint the nursery, you have to select such a look for the wall that can have a lasting appeal and the paint can be retained for a number of years. The best way of painting the nursery walls is to keep them simple. The nursery painting ideas that you select should be well coordinated with the interior painting of the rest of your house. After all, a baby nursery is also an integral part of your house.Nursery Wall Painting Ideas Some parents like to paint the nursery before the arrival of the baby. However, we suggest you do the task after the birth of your little one. This is because, then choice of colors and designs of the wall can be selected as per the gender of the baby. Here are some painting ideas for a nursery:Color Scheme: The traditionally used colors for nursery walls are pink for baby girls room and blue for the baby boys. Pastels and off whites are also often used as they are soft colors and suit with the softness of your little baby. However, if you do not want the conventional look then light shades of yellow and green can be used. It is not at all mpulsory to keep one single colors for the walls. You can experiment with different shades of the same color. Another idea is to combine a dark and light color and use them rnatively. You can opt for some bold combinations like pink and purple and or yellow and blue. This will very attractive to the eyes of your tiny tot because they can only differentiate between dark and light colors in that age. Find more on choosing baby room colors.Create Patterns: Patterns are excellent nursery painting ideas as they give a vibrant look to the walls. Vertical stripes are the most popular patterns that people like to use and is never going to go out of style. Making big squares or circles all over the walls with multiple colors looks very nice and attractive. If you wish to paint more beautiful designs on the nursery walls you can us stencils for them. Colorful balloons, flowers, stars, rainbows are the favorite designs for most parents. For a more personalized touch, write the name of your baby on the walls. They will really like that when they are slightly grown up. You can also refer to nursery wall decor ideas.Wall Murals: You can use wall murals to give a decorative look to the nursery walls. The shape and size of the wall murals depend upon whether you want to cover the entire wall or just a part of it. If you are artistic, you can paint a picture on your own or you can hire a muralist to create an interesting character on the wall. There are wallpaper sheets available in the market that can be used as wall murals on the nursery walls. To know more read on nursery wall decals.Themed Painting: This is one of the most interesting baby nursery painting ideas. You have to select one theme for the nursery and paint the walls accordingly. Jungle them is the most likable theme for baby boys. For this you have to create animal motifs on the walls. You can purchase the motifs and paste them on the walls. Ocean them is another theme which is liked by many. The ocean blue color of the walls along with seashells, dolphins and other underwater scenes gives a refreshing look to the nursery walls. The easiest theme to paint is the cloud theme. Paint the walls with sky blue color then create clouds using a sponge dipped in white paint. Read more on baby room themes.For more information refer to baby room painting ideas and baby nursery decorating ideas.Painting a nursery will be a fun and exciting experience for any new parent. While choosing the nursery painting ideas, you need to be a bit careful and select such colors and designs that can have a soothing effect on the baby. Too many colors or too many designs may give a cluttered look to the walls, which may not be good for the development of the newborn baby. Lastly, the decorative items used for decoration of the baby nursery should coordinate well with the colors and designs or theme of the walls.If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle. ~ Vincent van Gogh The arrival of a baby into the house brings tons of joy and laughter into the house. Getting the house ready for the baby, or more precisely setting up the perfect baby nursery is not an easy task. A nursery is baby’s abode, which has to be made comfortable and cozy with attention to every single detail. Here are the important factors that need to be kept in mind while decorating a baby’s nursery:Baby Nursery Safety Safety has to be the topmost priority while beginning to plan your baby nursery outline. No matter what theme or idea you pick, safety has to be your topmost priority. Baby proofing the baby nursery is an absolute necessity. Make sure that all the furnishing in the baby nursery is safe – without any sharp edges or any other possible aspects of the furnishing that could be dangerous for the baby. Many parents also decide to use old cribs, which are passed down the family, however often it is crucial to check antique furniture with regards to the safety guidelines to ensure the baby’s safety. Preferably buy sturdy new furniture that will be safe for your baby’s nursery. Baby Nursery Cleanliness Cleanliness is also an extremely important element of the baby nursery. The baby nursery has to be sparkling clean in order to avoid any sort of dust or dirt in the baby nursery. In case you are using disinfectants or cleaning products, make sure you use baby-safe products that have a registered certification proving that the product is safe for the babies. All the toys, clothes, soap, shampoo, bedding and all other baby necessities and accessories should be safe for the baby. Make sure that the baby nursery is always spic and span since raising a baby the right way requires a clean and healthy environment. Baby Nursery Comfort Comfort is another crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind while decorating a baby nursery. The crib, the bedding, the colors of the room, the carpet, the clothes, everything has to be comfortable for the baby. Do not pick out cribs and crib mattresses and sheets that only look pretty but are uncomfortable. Pick soft warm crib mattresses that will be comfortable and cozy for the baby. Do not get toys that can seem too intimidating for the baby. Equip the baby nursery with comfortable and cozy toys that the baby will love.