Having a window screens in a room is really a great way to enjoy the outdoor scenery from inside the home or room. It also serves as a way for the sunlight to enter the room and lit it. Window screens require regular cleaning so that to remove any deposits of dust and debris from the surface. Dirt and debris are deposited from the environment over time and if you don’t take them seriously, they will spoil your window and its beauty. It is not necessary to hire a person to clean it for you. You can do it on your own very easily.

In order to avoid the deep cleaning, regular cleaning is inevitable. Always use a soft, clean cloth to clean the dust from the window. Using a cloth with hard surface may cause scratches on the window. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from the window. Before using vacuum, make sure that a soft brush attachment is attached to the hose. Don’t use vacuum with hard brush, it may damage the window or put scratch on it otherwise.

If you are not in the habit of cleaning window regularly, a deep layer of dirt, dust and debris will deposit on your window, which become hard enough to wipe off from a cloth. In that case, a deep cleaning is required to remove the dirt deposits from the window. For deep cleaning, you need to be careful while treating the window for it is fragile and can easily be broken.

You have to remove the window from the frame in order to deep clean it. Don’t forget to mark or label each window, as this will help you know that which window belongs to which frame. If you are working on a window that is on first floor or the window is large, it is better to take help from your friend or family member in removing it from the frame.

After removing the window, keep it on a flat, clean surface to prevent any scratches or damage. Now take spray bottle and apply detergent solution on the screen on both the sides of it. Leave the detergent to soak for sometime. Then take a soft brush to scrub off the hard dirt and dust from the surface. Scrub the dirt deposits with soft hands and don’t apply too much force as it will cause scratches on the screen.

Once you have scrubbed off the deposits, take a water hose and spray water on the screen to remove the remaining dirt particles. Spray water on both the sides of the screen to make sure that all the dirt and debris is removed from the screen. Let the water drip off from the screen, take a soft sponge and clean the small drops of water from the screen. You can also apply polish to give it a shine. Keep the screen on a drop cloth until it should ne be replaced in the frame.


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