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Extend Your Living Space To Outdoors

I have been so over this winter for weeks, and I’m looking for signs of spring everywhere and anywhere. Although spring might not yet have a firm grip on the nature, I think it is a good time to start planning your yard and garden and I will personally start by revisiting my post from last summer.

I live in Colorado where we have an average of 300 sunny days a year, so deck was one of the first things on my mind after buying our house. And it has truly become a beautiful extension to our home
Whether it’s a porch, patio or a backyard you are decorating, there are so many ways to add special touch to your extended Living area.
A deck that gradually steps down or up creates multiple areas for entertaining. Designate the functions of each level with furniture. On one landing, add a table and chairs for out door dining. On another landing, place chairs and for instance a fire pit to encourage conversation.
You can also separate areas by painting a deck floor or by fencing. Privacy fences also help to keep pets and children in and protect from the wind. Trellis walls keep spaces airy while giving vines and hooks a place to hang out and a visual separation. Adding an awning or other type of roofing like trellis also helps defining areas as well as gives a nice shade on hot summer days. Covered deck provides a cosy setting for casual gathering
Another excellent idea is too add built-in planters to provide a separation between two deck levels or just two seating areas on the same level and they add a nice burst of greenery against the wood deck.

Punch up your home’s exterior with colour

Throw Pillows, Custom Artwork, Outdoor Wallpaper and Outdoor Rugs create an immediate impact in any space. Susan Bradley has a gorgeous collection with a range of materials, finishes and colours. Many manufacturers carry weather-resistant materials.

Illuminate your space

During the day you will have all the natural light you need, but to keep the party going after the sun sets you will have to add some light fixtures. For best result add multiple indirect lights such as sconces, candles, lanterns, and landscape lighting. For the safety reasons don’t forget walkways, stairs, and water sources.

Add a Focal Point

To make your outdoor space really special you can add one spectacular focal point
According to architects and designers, that focal point is often one of nature’s two most powerful elements: fire and water. And why not include both of these opposite elements.
Outdoor fireplace/ fire pit can extend you outdoor space usage all year round!
And the water feature can be small like a fountain or a little pond, or large, such as swimming pool or hot tub

Below are some sample images of fun outdoor spaces

This is a fun way to add some colour to your outdoor space. I also love the chandelier hanging above the dining table.

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