Do you need to find a hutch for your dining room or kitchen? Are you unsure where to start? Do you know what features to look for to make sure it is the perfect hutch for you? First think of the purpose that you want the hutch to serve.

Hutches are to the kitchen/dining room what dressers and armoires are to the bedroom. You need it to store all your kitchen essentials, but it also needs to be a beautiful piece of furniture that reflects your sense of style. A great place to start looking is at Amish made hutches.

An Amish hutch will be made from solid wood, oak, cherry, maple or maybe even walnut or hickory. The back will be plywood (never particle board) and the features are endless. Your next choice, after the wood, will be the stain. Each wood will have 3-7 different stain choices, but some like hickory and walnut are best left with a natural stain to let the beauty of the wood be the centerpiece. The choice is always yours. Another benefit to a custom made Amish hutch is they can stain match your new hutch to any existing furniture you have, if that is your need.

Next you need to think of size. A hutch can be a commanding piece of furniture, so make sure you have the room for it. If you have a small room, a corner hutch or 2 door hutch will suite your needs perfectly. In a larger space a classic 3 or 4 door hutch will be a suitable choice. If you want the look of a built in, but want something you can take with you if you ever move, you can get a hutch built to your specific dimensions.

Last are all the extra features to think about. Most are amazed at the options that an Amish hutch offers. Just a few samples are open or closed deck, glass or solid wood doors on top. In the top if you want glass shelves or wood, or glass shelves with a wood strip in front so it looks like wood shelves. Plate grooves in the shelves to display your Grandmas china, or no grooves if you font want any. The possibilities are almost endless.

So relax, take your time and consider your needs and find the best hutch for you. If you find the perfect solid wood hutch for you it will become a prized family heirloom the generations will enjoy.

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