To redecorating a room successfully, begin by rendering your thoughts in sketch in your mind.The style of your furniture will determine the feature and character of wall decorations, hangings, carpets, lighting fixtures, lamps and ornaments on fireplace.

It is the fireplace and its arrangement of ornaments that punch the keynote.Of course,luxurious mats, soft carpets and a hundred and one woman’s embellishment will create atmosphere and knit together the simple scheme of line–the skeleton of your room. But traditional simplicity in number and arrangement of ornaments can give the whole room balance and peace. And color and textiles are the flesh of interior decoration.

In decoration of a small room, you can greatly increase the visible size by using paper of solid color and making the doors and windows the semblable color, or slightly darker in hue. If you cannot find wallpaper of exactly the color and chroma you wish, it is often possible to use the reverse side of a paper and create exactly the desired effect.

In papering old rooms with macular ceilings it is easy to cover this by using a paper with a small pattern in the same tone. A perfectly plain ceiling paper will show every defect in the surface of the ceiling.

If your house or apartment is small you can get a great effect of space by keeping the same color scheme throughout–that is, the same color or related colors. To make a small hall and each of several small rooms on the same floor different in any obvious way, is to put your home into anxiety, where one feels aware of the walls and all restrictions. The effect of peaceful spaciousness may be gained by taking the same small suite and treating its walls, floors and draperies, as has been suggested, in the same color scheme or a scheme of related subjects in color.

Now having established your suite and hall all in one subject, so that there is absolutely no inharmonic detail as one passes from room to room, you may be sure of having obtained that most desirable of all qualities in interior decoration–peace.

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