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Plan Your Outdoor Living Projects Now

Congratulations! You made that challenging move to become a home owner and now your creativity and lifestyle comes more into play. It’s time to plan your outdoor patio. However, dreams of your backyard designs should be thought of before the spring arrives to avoid indecisiveness and last minute thoughts.

There is a whole world of backyard designs waiting to be created, therefore a professional designer should be a top priority in your decision making. Their wealth of knowledge of natural material choices, such as wood, stone, and brick, all can bring timeless beauty to your yard.

Be sure to consult your landscape company as to what materials will work in your area, because the choices can be overwhelming. What you might really like may not work with your climate, house style, or the time you have for maintenance of your choices. A professional will help you determine what will work for you and add value to your home.

Stone or brick materials can be a great choice for you when thinking of spring and summer outside entertainment, and whichever natural material fit your taste. You can benefit from these choices by bringing your meal preparation to your entertaining platform.

Why not incorporate an outdoor fireplace into the design? Do make your considerations in advance though. Do you what your fire place just for the elegant look, as a useful fire pit for evening campfires, or as a functional cooking area?

Consider adding a smooth stone or brick counter and shelves off to the side or sides for space to perform your magic. You’ll need to house your platters and cooking utensils when cooking and a warming cove built in to hold your earlier cooked foods and to keep them at a safe temperature. Also another consideration would be to a larger cove, to keep your firewood stacked and dry.

When thinking wood decking, which is a wonderful option and a choice for many, do educate yourself on types of wood and the ongoing treatment it needs. Check on deck to house anchoring, and the correct digging depth for the frost level in your area. It would be a new homes owners nightmare, to find that as the winter frost sets in, the value you just put into your home has twisted and buckled.

It is so important to hire a reputable landscaping company that has the proper understanding of basic construction. For longevity, remember, although wood decking has gone through a manufacturing process to extend its life, you will have to maintain and treat the wood every few years or so, depending on your climate.

You’ve made your decking choices to fit your lifestyle and needs, now lets pull it all together. When you step down off your patio, will you be considering your extended grassy area, and what is your material choice? If your choice is brick, why not continue that theme by adding a staggered walkway and maybe incorporating some planter beds? Or how about a sitting bench. These attractive additions will increase the value of your home and bring a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to your outdoor entertaining.

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