Home makers these days pay more attention to Sofas than other furniture items. So a sofa is the most important aspect to consider while designing our home interior. It is a versatile product meant to offer more comfort and functionality to our living room and people invest more room space and time in selecting a sofa which can provide much more than its basic offerings. A good looking sofa can add more style to your drawing room with its capability to extend in the form of a bed providing sleeping facility as well. Its immense popularity has prompted people to give it a prime importance and sofas of these days are no more a showpiece furniture item.

Leather sofas are a perfect option in enhancing our home décor & they are easy to clean and provide a decent look. There are many types of Leather sofas available with many varieties in colors & different style of patterns. Many stores offer different types of sofas which are suitable to much kind of people coming with different budgets. One should go for a sleeper sofa when purchasing a sofa which is more functional because it can easily be pulled out and used as sleeping bed which can easily accommodate more people. This type of is much expensive price wise but it is a life time investment.

The Leather Sofas has a distinct place in this modern lifestyle and it is considered as a comfortable and luxurious than the sofas padded with fabric. There price is on a higher side because of the leather cost. Most of the leather sofas are covered with finished leather which has a protective coating helping the leather in getting long durability and stain free. The Leather sofa needs special care and cleaning to maintain the shining, which is the main characteristic feature of good quality leather.

The texture and feeling of Leather sofas depend on the type of leather used in padding. Aniline Leather, made of top grain leather is a leather type which gets dyed using a special aniline dye which makes the leather more luxurious and soft.

Low priced Leather Sofas are made using split leather. The leather sofas are cleaned using leather cleaners to maintain the durability and shine.

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