There is a famous quote, A house is made of walls and beams and a home is built with love and dreams. Anybody in the world, be a prince or a pauper, would love his own place more than anything in the world. Such a place could be made a peaceful and poignant one by simple improvements made in its interior. Living rooms, which are the gateway of a home is a place where you could display a mix of creativity and themes. The color of the living room is the basic thing that needs to be given first notification.

A large living room can have a dark colored paint; otherwise it can be a light shade. A combination of colors would always give a stylish look, for example blue and yellow. Furniture, fixtures, sofas and lights are the other areas where improvements can be made to make the home look better. Furniture should be arranged in a way that leaves a good space to move around. Window fabrics and furniture coverings can be chosen in a lighter shade than the wall color. There could be a reading place, which is well lit, comprising of a reading table and a pullout chair. Ceiling lights play an important role in defining the personality of the designer and could enlighten the features of the room.

Bedroom is a place where we start a day and end a day. Bedroom colors should be chosen to give a serene and calm feel. Peach, delicate pink and buttery yellow would be the ideal colors. A built in storage would give the room a sleek look. We should keep in mind that the bed should not be kept in the arc of wardrobe doors or opening drawers. If your floor looks dull, you can add a carpet or a rug. Long drapes, matching the wall color would give a modern look. Above all, a tidy and organized bedroom would give a pleasing look to the place where we spend one third of a day.

Regarding the kitchen, painting the kitchen cabinets in white is the latest trend. Old appliances can be painted new to give your kitchen a new look. Windows should be treated in such a way that the lighting of the house is not affected. Heavy drapes would reduce the sunlight from entering the house. Vertical blinds, made of fabric, wood or metal could be a different idea.

Accessories are the last area where you could change the look of the room. By redefining and rearranging the available accessories, a tired room could be given a fresh look. Keeping the accessories in an imaginary triangle would be a good choice. While displaying the family photos on a table or a wall, keeping them in the same finish and color would give a good look.

The most important point is that the accessories should be placed at eye level and they should not be kept high. Keeping an interior plant could also be a good idea to make the room look better and cool.

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