You’ve tried everything- mellow sounds, bedtime stories, white noise generators, and threats even! But you just can’t get your kids to go to bed. You are not alone on this problem, parents the world over have to deal with the same thing every night. Not to worry-help is here.

Fountains. Yep, you have read that right. Fountains right inside your children’s bedrooms. The sound of running water from your indoor fountain is calming and can easily sooth your child’s restlessness. The soothing sound from the fountain can also block out unwanted noise that might wake your child up during the night. During the cold months, where there is low humidity, fountains work as a natural humidifier, thus helping your child feel more comfortable inside his room. Low humidity can dry out your child’s skin and his mucous membranes. Also, it feels colder than it actually is when indoor humidity is extremely low. A fountain inside the bedroom will also clean the air as it attracts dust particles.

All that sounds great and I have not yet mentioned the aesthetic value it will add to your child’s room. Compared to white noise generators or humidifiers, which are bulky and not pleasant to the eyes, water fountains are not only calming to the eyes but soothing to the eyes as well. Choosing a fountain can be a bonding moment for you and your kid. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. When you think about it, the fun begins with choosing.

Tabletop fountains and wall fountains are highly recommended as they can be placed out of reach of your children. There are fountains with foggers and lights that change colors and they are an instant hit with the kids! There are also fountains that come with nature sounds and that will add to the relaxing mood while the water from your wall or tabletop fountain is running.

Cleaning the fountain can also be an activity that you and your kids can do together. What you and your kids can do is replace the water every 3-4 months or so. You explain to them that this is necessary to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Anti-white scale water treatments and algae treatments are available in the market. These are highly effective in preventing the growth of algae and bacteria. These are also safe for your kids and your pets. You would also want to check the water level every two weeks or so to make sure that there is enough water. Fountains. Get one for your kids. You might be surprised at their change of attitude towards bedtime-and more.

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