3D is becoming all the rage. It is like the craze that took over back in the 50’s and 60’s. Every movie that they think may sell better if it’s in 3D, they are converting over to the format.

This is fine if the movie really gains because of the conversion, however if it was going to be great in 3D, shouldnt it have been shot in 3D in the first place? Doing a quick conversion and then selling it as 3D does not do the consumer any good. Shoot it in 3D and then let the consumers decide whether or not it was worth the additional expense.

So not only movies are getting the 3D make over; TV is the next big thing planned for the masses. If you could not get enough of the format in the movie theater, think how great it will be when it’s in your own home and you do not have to wear the paper glasses. You do have to wear the big plastic goggles, however the picture is remarkable and being able to enjoy a sporting event like football or baseball in 3D really looks cool. The movies look cool and the television looks awesome and you can even get a 3D Blu-ray player that makes it all look even better. Most people think that the technology is cool and watching it is neat, however what several people are even more excited for is the birth of 3D video gaming.

There have been attempts in the past, however it all comes down to how much it costs and if it adds to the playability of the game and if it looks any good. Nintendo is leading the charge on this one, just like they did with the motion controlled revolution which the other two main manufacturers are now copying. But with 3D, they have done something even more brilliant and amazing. They are bringing 3D gaming to a handheld device that you do not have to wear special glasses to enjoy.

It was difficult for the public to believe that they had discovered the secret of 3D without glasses, but with its release just a few weeks away and the accolades of the gaming press; everybody is even more excited to see it in person because they say it works. Being able to watch movies on the device is also an option, but because of the technology, the screen can only be of a certain size for it to work.

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