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Feng Shui Tips For Love – Tips on Using Feng Shui For Love

Feng Shui Tips For Love

Feng Shui is a system of using the aesthetics of both heaven and earth to improve certain aspects of one’s life. Feng Shui for love is something that many people do look into for various reasons. There are many things that can be done to help with this.

There are many things that can be done and one of them relates to any pictures you have that only have one person in them. These pictures should be replaced with ones that have happy couples in them. Your surroundings can influence the way that you interact with others so if you are surrounded by happy couples then you will open yourself to finding love faster.

Many things that are done in Feng Shui for love relate to the bedroom and what’s in it. The bed in particular is very important and there are a few things you can do to it. Instead of having a king size bed try a queen as this adds intimacy. Additionally you should not have your bed against a wall. Make sure there is enough space to walk on either side.

Bedding can also play a role in Feng Shui for love. Having bedding that invites you to linger in and on the bed are a good investment. Patterned sheets will also add a little zest to the love life. You should also try and not have pictures of your family in your bedroom. This room is where your romantic life is and you don’t want pictures of your parents there. Additionally the television should be kept away from the bedroom as it also kills romance. Instead of watching TV to try getting to sleep read some romantic poetry or novel to open your subconscious. Feng Shui Tips For Love

When dealing with love it is important to look at seating arrangements. Having a single seat in the house can tell people more than you imagine. Single seats can tell perspective partners to keep a distance and does not allow for much intimacy. To remedy this try having a love seat or couches made for two or more people.

The mood of people can be set by the color schemes of a house. This is why it is recommended to have warm colors in your house like pink and red. Additionally having softer warm tones like coral and rose will attract gentle partners to you while bolder war colors will attract passionate partners.

Another aspect of Feng Shui that you should be aware of is the relationship gua. This is in fact an area of your house that will represent your romantic relationships. To find this area you will have to use the front door as a reference and find the far right hand corner. This is the area you should concentrate on. This area will need to be inviting, cozy and intimate. You can accomplish this by having a love seat and adjustable lighting.

There are a number of things you can do regarding Feng Shui for love. When you have done this then you simply need to wait for it to work. Feng Shui Tips For Love

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