Feng Shui Tips For Office Desk

Many entrepreneurs who have a home-based business tend to neglect their workspace. They’re so busy seeing clients, going to networking events, doing marketing and so many other business necessities that they forget to take care of their office. But what they don’t realize is that when the workspace is neglected and in disarray, they’re actually blocking the flow to attract more clients, more opportunities and more money.

Is your office cluttered and disorganized? Disorganization and clutter are the primary causes for creating stress and blocking business opportunities from coming your way. Think of any powerful CEO. You’ll never see them surrounded by chaos and clutter. They make sure to keep their offices orderly so that their minds remain focused, they have complete clarity and they can be productive. Feng Shui Tips For Office Desk

Here are 3 Feng Shui Office tips to help you start boosting the energy in your workspace.

Feng Shui Office Tip #1. At the end of each workday clear off your desk, file away your paperwork, dust off your computer screen, empty out your trash can, put away your coffee cup and all other objects that will prevent you from staying focused.

Feng Shui Office Tip #2. Clean out your filing cabinets, desk drawers and office closet. Toss out anything that’s not needed, making space for the new. Categorize everything with labels, boxes, and beautiful containers.

Feng Shui Office Tip #3. Imagine the role that you would like your office to serve in your business. Think of a few words that best describe what you want from this space. Some words might include “productive” or “clarity” or “success.” Remove anything that does not help you achieve your vision.

Always think about those successful entrepreneurs that you admire most, envision what their workspace is like and recreate that for yourself. Remember, your office is a direct reflection of how successful you are in your business. Feng Shui Tips For Office Desk

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