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Tips On Decorating A Child’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating rooms in our homes we tend to pick non- intrusive colours and different shades of white to keep a neutral feel in each room and let the decor and furniture give each room its individual style.

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom though, it is a lot more of a challenge as by being creative you can also end up with some disastrous results such as a yellow carpet and purple walls.

Before you start splashing layers of paint on the wall and buying comical and childish toys, plan everything out. Think about the small details as well as the big details and safety should be your priority so don’t think of installing any fancy features that may also be a hazard to a small child.

Start by deciding what colours you want to incorporate but at the same time don’t go for the obvious blue for a boy and pink for a girl all over but try different shades of these colours and try blending in several different shades. Although it is somewhat more of a hassle, try and go for paint instead of wallpaper as this will help you create a more personalised room for your child. One good tip is to paint the walls and then add stencils of their favourite cartoon characters and heroes.

This is actually very easy to do although you will have to purchase a Provo craft Cricut Expression that allows you to design your own stencils which are cut automatically and printed onto a range of different materials. You don’t require a creative mind to do this though but your child can always help you out!

Once you have completed the walls and floor it’s time to choose suitable furniture and accessories. Bear in mind that children do grow up quite fast so try to avoid unpractical things such as fancy bed’s that are designed in the shape of a sports cars for example, as within two years of buying such a novelty you will find you need a new bed as your child has outgrown his. The same goes for desks and chairs, try and find designs that are practical and will remain useable for the years to come.

Lastly you want to make your child’s room as comfortable and entertaining as possible so make sure you fill it with toys which aren’t really made to be played with but are used more as a comforting factor such as a large stuffed animal that your child can lay on whilst watching the TV for example.

Chris Reinhold is a consumer specialist who reviews the latest craft products such as the cricut and other provo craftproducts.

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