If you have spent the time and effort needed to keep your entire home free of clutter, odds are your kids room is the only room in the house that does not retain the same level of organization. While you have probably tried your best to teach your kids the proper way to keep their room clean, odds are your “lectures” have fallen on deaf ears, resulting in even more clutter than before. You may be feeling that teaching your kids how to keep their room organized may feel like it is a lost cause. Here are key tips that can help you teach them how to keep their room clutter free, making the need for lectures a thing of the past.

 Make the task fun. Depending on the age of your kids, there are probably a ton of other things they would much rather do than keep their rooms clean. Whether your kid is a sports fan or a diva, you need to pick an approach that makes the task fun for them. If paper or any other trash in your son’s room ends up everywhere except in the garbage, come up with a fun way that makes throwing stuff away a fun task. It can either be a basketball hoop over the garbage or any other task that makes them want to keep things clean because it is more like a game than actual work.

 Take them shopping. If there is a specific area of their room that is always cluttered, like clothes on the floor or books and toys scattered about, take them shopping for a tool that they will actually want to use. When they have a part in choosing organization tools for their room they will be more likely to use it and keep their room clutter free without any interference from you.

Lastly, teach them it is ok to throw things away. If you are a pack rat that saves every item that you have ever owned, then odds are that this trait has transferred to your kids. While you may be making progress with getting rid of stuff you no longer need or wear, you need to teach your kids the same thing. Whether it is toys that they no longer play with or books that they will never read again, you need to teach them that it is ok to get rid of. Whether it be throwing them away because they are in poor condition or donating it so someone else can use it, you need to teach your kids that it is ok to let go of things so someone else can experience them.

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