Nursery Decorating Ideas for Baby Girls

Many parents prefer nursery decorating ideas for girls that are based on specific themes. While selecting the theme, make sure that you opt for one such theme that your little girl will find interesting when she grows up. A few such theme based decorating ideas for girls rooms are given below.

Princess Theme
Your dainty darling is nothing less than a princess. Right? So, why not design the world around her with a princess theme? Let’s start with the walls. Paint the walls with shades of pink. For further decoration of the walls, castle murals can be used. To give a majestic look to her crib, give it the shape of a throne. Put up a canopy over her baby crib. The furniture and the shelves of the room should be made of cherry wood. For a soft look for the room, use lots of satin fabrics. The color of the linens should be purple or pink. Keep a beautiful pink throw rug at the center of the room where your little princess can play. Use tiaras, wands, feather boas and princess books as decorative items.

Bugs and Butterflies Theme
Images of colorful butterflies, caterpillars, bumble bees, dragon flies, lady bugs all over the room makes it look very pretty. Keep the base coat of the wall dark pink in color. Then use bug stencils to paint these insects of different shapes and sizes. On one of the wall you can make ladybug’s shell by making circles with black paint. For further decoration of the walls, put up some framed pictures of these bugs. Hang some nylon toys from the ceiling just above her crib with which she can play. You can easily find baby bedding with a bugs and butterfly theme. Any type of wood furniture will be suitable for this decoration.

Starry Night Theme
Little girls love to see the celestial bodies all around them. You can draw patterns of stars, moon, planets and even constellations on the ceiling of the room. Keep the base coat of the walls light blue and use a darker shade of blue for the ceiling. Then use pastel and white paint to create the celestial bodies. You can also paste star cutouts with sticky backing on the painted nursery walls. To make it look more real, add some white clouds on the ceiling by dipping a sponge into the white paint. If you do not want to go for painting the walls, wallpapers of this particular theme can be put up. Paint the baby room furniture as per the theme by stamping star patterns on them with the help of star shaped rubber stamps dipped in white paint. You can also get lamps, baby bedding, quilts, rugs and cushions with images of stars.

Garden Theme
This colorful theme will make your child feel closer to the nature. The base coat of the wall for this theme should ideally be pastel. However, you can experiment with other colors such as shades of greens or yellows as well. Make the most visible wall of the room as your focal wall. Create the garden theme on this wall. Paint the lower portion of the wall with green and the top with sky blue. Then use your creative ideas to paint various colorful flowers on the green part of the wall. On the blue portion of the wall draw images of birds, bees and butterflies. Even small cluster of clouds or a bright yellow sun is not a bad idea. For painting the images, you can opt freehand painting. But if you are not very confident about your painting skills feel free to use stencils. Keep the base color of the furniture and other furnishings white. The bedding, drapes and other fabrics of the room should have floral prints on them.

Hope you find the nursery decorating ideas for girls given in this article interesting enough to create a beautiful world for your little ones. If you are looking for nursery decorating ideas on a budget, then I would like to suggest you that do not confine yourself to any particular theme. Use your own creative ideas to design the baby nursery for your toddler. I am sure that the end result is going to be quite fulfilling.