With the improvement of living standard, the demands of entertainment with the progress of society is gradually improving, from a CRT color childhood TV Several of view, to the present and full HD LCD TV Projector We sigh when time flies even witnessed the replacement of family entertainment. This black and white television inside the revolutionary there, but also the loneliness of color CRT invincible, even with rear projection and plasma of the short-lived and, finally, LCD TV Bill Ford … …

TV product development is in a transition period, but can also be seen as a bottleneck phase, including the numerous technical and conceptual competition, but if the projector has been steadily growing, and in high definition, Full HD in the development of separatist parties, even some manufacturers have also rally, hoping that with the home to enhance the brightness projector, stationed in the living room to challenge television’s dominant position. However, the present developments, the author believes that the projector and LCD TV simply mention the competition and conquest the living room is “Absurd talk” because it missed the best time. What is the best time

So-called “untimely” say is the timing and the importance of external influences, projector stationed in the living room is the best opportunity for product replacement time, that is, when the CRT when the marginal effect of the smallest, at this time It is just to start high-definition, LCD and Plasma, rear projection big melee when the projector from the results in terms no less, and advantages of LED LCD TV as a general highlight today, but the projector is going astray … …

So projection astray, is to explain the choice of projection is the fatal error, projector product classification comes as if MD (micro display) of a class, it’s advantage is that small size itself to complete “out of proportion “The large screen, especially under the age of 4:3 of the mainstream, this technology is the revolutionary, but it does not belong to the projection television industry is surprising to join the television industry competition, give up the advantages of changing of the guard a television product, it is incomprehensible!

Product culture Said projection to give up advantages as projection TV, we can not fail to mention television product represents the first Home Appliances Cultural products is a strong position on television, was compelled to cast aside the conservative projection technology to act, that the presence of television products and historical factors, not only the achievements of the first media, it is imperceptible for implantation of the family concept, or even the element of life than CRT monitors therefore become TV!

In turn look at projectors, and TV entertainment center, media center, compared to the projector products thin culture is obvious, and the most representative, or most ironic is that many people Education , Business presentations are used in the process of watching over the video projector, but most people do not know the existence of home projectors is that the firms did not turn a blind eye to guide it properly, why is still a movie projector, and the minority movie tools, firms should be in-depth review.

Firm conduct Firm behavior described here is taken from product design to end all aspects of the hands of users, because several aspects of the problem which is worth pondering, because many aspects of the accumulation is only for the projector or departure from the projection of the civilian industry, the profit market. Since the butterfly wings can cause turmoil, so if there are problems with each link, you may not expect the natural consequences.

First product design on the waterfront on the projection television from the beginning, or later could not escape the box shape, can be said to have been catching up and never wanted to go beyond, sometimes a few amazing products that have become the eye manufacturers publicity stunt. Second, the projector never considered the use of the user demand, especially interface design, has a number of high-definition projector at home still have some of the old-fashioned even 480P do not support the analog interface, the HDMI interface, this has become a common selling point to say that this is sad, and even business presentation products appear until only recently began to scale USB interfaces. Finally, I wonder why there is no commercial products with USB interface, the reason is because the projectors are IT Marketplace Sell Rather than as a traditional home appliance chain, sales channels, has not thought about the decision of the projector to become home appliances, then go to the living room to do?

Course, this does not include a number of small firms means, such as brightness virtual standard, such as in the parameters and the concept of fool consumers, etc., including the recent war the contrast and so on, are despised by man can be said that the projector market index to broken, there is a certain brand of their own making, especially for professional projector manufacturers, quenching thirst with poison exposure of their short-sighted, and eventually cause the industry’s “tragedy of the commons” of the show.

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