This economic recession means that owners are going to have to spend more time and energy to sell their houses. However if you need to sell your house quickly then you may asking yourself “How to Sell My House Privately.” Here are a few things to consider.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your home appraised by a professional appraiser who is not associated with a bank. You should also look at similar houses in the area to get a ball park figure that you are comfortable selling your house for. Remember that by selling your house privately you are saving yourself a 3-7% commission fee so if you are really motivated you can price the house a bit below market value.

Next you will need to find buyers. The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to use on line classifieds You can look for real estate investors in places like CraigsList, Oodle, Kiijii, Backpage, Onxy and USFreeads. Of course you can also place listings here as well. Many of these sites will take HTML, so that you can also include video along with them.

FSBO.comAnother place to look for investors is, which is a for sale by owner site. For a single listing fee you can simply login and put up videos, and pictures of the house. They will also provide pre-written contracts and access to professional services in case your home needs repairs.

If you are really motivated to sell and don’t want to go through all of the hassles of putting up listings, photos, and having to answer people’s questions then you might want to consider using a professional on line property investing service. You will simply need to fill out the details of your house and submit the form for a free assessment. Within 24-48 hours someone will get back to you. They will buy houses in most conditions without the need for repair. In general they will pay up to 90% of the market value for a home. If you consider that the average commission for a real estate agent is 6% and it generally only takes a couple of weeks to complete the transaction you can see why this is a good alternative.

Sell your house fast without all of the hassles, get the cash and move on. Sell A House Privately By Clicking Here