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Space Saver Dining Room Sets

Purchasing a space saving dining room set is one technique of making use of the floor space of your dining area. There are several choices that you can select from. There are those that can be expanded and some entire unit that be can folded down.

The first option is a dining set that comes with a removable center leaf for the table. This is a preferred choice if you have a small dining space or if you have a combination of living and dining rooms. Without the leaf, the unit can accommodate four settings. If the center leaf is added, it readily provides enough space for six settings. Other times, there is also a second removable leaf which can seat up to ten people. The removable leaves can be stored easily. It is very convenient since you have a big table when you require one, without crowding the entire space most of the time. The second option is a drop-leaf. This type of setting has one or two drop leaves that are at the long sides of the unit. This is appropriate if you live in a small apartment since the unit can be arranged against a wall or behind a sofa. It can be flanked with chairs to create an intimate table for two. If you will use it, it can be pulled out from a wall or sofa and the leaves extended and locked in place. It can be a perfect dining place for buffet parties. There is also a modular furniture that can be space saving. One modern style is a bench that is built under the table itself which make it possible to place along a wall without difficulty. It has leaves that retract rather than collapse. If you will use it, pull out the leaves and secure it in place. The two benches on the long sides of the unit are also pulled out under the table when needed. This is an effective design for smaller apartments. If you do not want a table that retracts or folds, then a simple Shaker table for two will fit your taste. It is simple and easy to clean since it has no carved nooks or crannies that may accumulate dust. Moreover, the material can also contribute to space efficient qualities. If you have a small space, glass and wrought iron are good choices. If you wish to add more visual interest, then purchase a set made of metal. Marble or granite tabletops also provide the same visual attention.

Space saving dining room set is a better option to choose. You do not only provide more room but also comfort and pleasant dining.


A good dining room set could make wonders to your home. In order to buy your own, try to visit dining room suites and oak dining room.


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