As science and technology development, family living standards, all working parents can give children hope to provide one of the most fun, the ideal growing environment. Therefore, new home design, decoration of children in single-room mentioned a very important position. Children’s minds as a white, through their eyes, everything in the world novel, cytoplasmic micro things around any children may show to have an impact. Therefore, to give children an exciting environment for the growth of children on the celebration when the importance of rational design of living space, carefully decorated rooms for children, make children’s access to psychological and physical pleasure and health.

Children’s room the most important functions is to enable children to have a free and safe little world. Them in this little world to learn, play, sleep. Choice for children and parents Decoration Room, children’s room must be fully taken into account the unique features of these requirements. With decoration techniques, through color, lighting, furniture, windows and accessories, jewelry, seeking support of energy, so that children can grow healthy and happy.

1. The location of children’s room

Children in the strong phase of growth and development, need to absorb energy from all aspects. The earliest dawn to accept the light energy of the room is the best children’s room. Therefore, children room choice for the east or southeast of home; and the Five Elements is a western residential gold, the afternoon will take plenty of sunlight, can also be used as a children’s room, but this position is more suitable for children’s sleep, not conducive to children’s room of the game features.

2. The internal layout of children’s room

Children’s Room is where children rest and entertainment, functions with the bedroom there are many similarities, so some of the points bedroom layout also applies to children’s room layout. In addition, children’s rooms kitchen should also be far more children should not be so easy to catch cold cold drafts. Children’s rooms need space, not too complicated decoration, furniture should not be too large and should make the room without obstruction and cramped feeling.

Children’s room should allow sufficient room for growth in children, and families affected by the environment Education To foster children’s independence and reduce dependence. Furnishings in the room a small table or small storage cabinets, so that their free goods within the organization, develop their practical ability. Furniture as much as possible with a round, Jiyong Glass Products, to avoid Xiao Ran, and reduce the risk of bump.

3. Children’s room on the ground Children’s room, laying the ground

natural Flooring The best, safe and easy to clean. Avoid Stone Paving, and stone cold stone of relatively more or less contain some radioactive elements, is not conducive to the growth of children. Children’s room should not be installed Carpet , Although the carpet and higher security and are not afraid of kids fall, but too much dust as easily attached to long-term will lead to children suffering from bronchial or respiratory disease.

4. Children’s room colors

Children’s room inside the hearts of the color of the child too has a very important influence, first of all, color to be elegant, not too intense Rounds with color, avoid stimulating the child, they Jiyong black and pure white, with light blue if color as the base, then decorated a number of grass-green, bright yellow, pink color is able to achieve fairly good results.

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