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Auction House Techniques – Best Cataclysmic WOW Auction House Techniques

Playing the auction house on World of Warcraft is a great way to get plenty of gold for your character – if you know how to do it. Gold will help you get ahead in the new Cataclysm expansion in several ways.

You’ll be able to buy the flying skill for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, so that your character can get quests done faster. You can also buy epic (purple) blacksmithing items, such as weapons and armor, at level 85 to make your character more effective and thus get them into heroics and raids at the cutting edge of progression through the new content.

The question is, of course, what techniques are best for getting gold? Mining and herbalism are the usual auction house skills for making a lot of gold when a new expansion appears, but in Cataclysm, this expectation may be slightly changed from what you’re used to. With only 5 levels between the current maximum level and endgame, a lot of people are going to be squeezed into a few areas. There’s likely to be a gross oversupply of high level minerals and herbs on the auction house, which will drive their prices down.

Instead, you can likely make a killing on lower level minerals and herbs, which nobody is going to want to return to the lower level areas to farm while they’re racing for the endgame. There are going to be many new engineers, blacksmiths, alchemists, and inscribers hungry for low-level materials to boost their skills fast. This is one auction house technique that’s likely to prove successful.

Watch the auction house for price waves. At certain times of the week, materials, potions, flasks, and so on are likely to sink in price, and rise at others. You can either buy low and sell high (aim for just before the peak – if you try to sell exactly at the peak, you may end up missing it) or you can list your own items.

Volatile Earth, Life, Fire, etc. – the “Volatiles” that are replacing Wrath of the Lich King’s Eternals – are another good source of auction house income. There are plenty of elementals to farm for these in the Twilight Highlands, so getting a jump on this will give you an edge in the auction house game as well.

Finally, you should have an auction house alt stationed permanently at one of the auction houses. When your main character farms something, a farming alt gets lower level stuff, or you have a pile of instance loot to dispose of, you can mail it and have the good on the auction house instantly.

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