Trawlling your worldy goods across Scotland is a time-consuming and stressful process that we all have to do at one time or another. When moving house it is a good idea to be prepared. If you cannot afford removals services then read through the following tips and then round up your friends and family because if unorganised can be both timely, and stressful.

THROW anything away you DON’T need. This is ESSENTIAL. Take it to a charity shop, give it to a friend- if its kitchen ware ask your landlord/lady if you can leave it for the following tenants. There is no point moving anything if you are not going to use it.
Cardboard boxes and fruit crates are strong enough for carrying food, books and kitchen wares.
Black bags become your best friend so ensure you have plenty to hand. Pack any clothing- blankets- cushions into black bags.
Use your duvet cover to put things in and then drag this around. Pillow cases are handy for putting things in too. Although bulky and a little awkward to carry it works in much the same way.
Keep suitcases (most have roller wheels these days) for heavier, smaller items. Remember that the more you can fit in the less you have to carry so a suitcase is perfect for odds and ends you know you cannot live without.
If there is a shopping trolley near-by, USE IT. It will save so much time and energy.
Do a Joey from Friends. Wear everything you own from one place to another.
Sleeping bags can be attached to the suitcase handles along with other bags and then the whole thing can be pulled along.
Hire or borrow your friends van.
Label everything, keep boxes for each room together and keep a note of roughly what’s in each box.
Ensure that you have a box of the essentials including kettle, plates, mugs, telephone, charges, remotes etc.
Sports bags are generally sturdy enough to carry smaller stereos and electrical items safely
Portfolios (I find) are the worst to carry and impossible to pack. The bigger they are the more awkward they are and the heavier they get. Smaller flatter items fit into larger portfolios.

Most of these suggestions are obvious but you will be surprised at how many people struggle and complain about the amount they would have to carry or pack. The most obvious point is that if you have access to a van, use it or ask to borrow your dads’ used Volkswagen touareg, Aberdeen will be a long way to drive more than once without it!

Sara Wright is working in online marketing and currently researching new vans in Aberdeen