So you know where your room is and you’ve met your roommate. You both have managed to agree on a main color scheme for the room and you have a nice sheet set and comforter picked out. Now you have to figure out where you’re going to put all your stuff you’ve brought from home. College dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for their walk-in closets, so it’s going to be important to purchase some functional, and ideally portable, storage units in order to maximize your storage space.

The biggest piece of space that often goes wasted is the space under the bed. Raising your bed frame with Rack Risers or cement blocks will give you access to this space. Use this area to store luggage, extra clothes, and other items that you don’t need to access frequently. Large plastic crates are also another excellent storage solution. They can easily be stacked in closets, next to your desk, or in the space under your bed. You can pick up several, in a variety of colors, from your local department store without breaking the bank. If large plastic crates are not your thing many stores offer wire rack organization systems that allow you to create custom storage units by combining the wire racks in different orientations.

Speaking of wire rack organization systems, they also work incredibly well for closet organization. Since they are wire you are easily able to see everything on a particular shelf. They are also breathable which keeps clothes and other items from holding odors. Cloth organizers hung from closet rods can be used to hold shoes and other accessories and are usually pretty easy to move from one place to another. It is easy to start misplacing items and having the storage containers to keep things organized can help reduce that problem. A few cheap plastic hooks can also help a lot in providing storage space and keeping things from stacking up on beds or floors. For a few more dollars you can buy hooks that are transferrable in case you need to rearrange the storage space in your room. A few hooks on a closet or bathroom door can keep you room a lot neater than you thought you were capable of.

Another way to keep things from stacking up on the floor is adding a decorative area rug that complements your room’s color scheme. If you choose the area rug right, you won’t want to cover up this excellent tie between your walls, bedding, and accessories. Rugs also keep you from stepping on cold floors in the morning. Be sure to choose something that is easily washable because dorm rooms are high traffic areas. You should probably stay away from area rugs that are really thick because they tend to trap dirt and odors.

Keeping your dorm space functional and organized can really increase your productivity. Picking up a few organizational products from your local department store can really help with that process without leaving you completely broke.

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