Girl’s room will be more charming if you use balloon window shade. This type window shade is ideal to be used for any room with feminine appeal. This shade comes with a simple pattern. It is easy to make and only takes a short period of time. You can create this balloon shade the same as the basic step of making curtain panel construction and then add a balloon shade.

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the things you will need such as scissors, sewing machine, fabric with window size, straight in, iron, tailor’s chalk, ribbon, craft glue, hand sewing needle and thread, and tissue paper. The size of the fabric depends on the size of your window.

The second thing you have to do is to is to install tension rod to the window frame with 2 ½ inches below the top frame. It will be the header room. Then, measure the width of installed tension rod. Multiply it by three. It will be the width of the balloon shade. Also, measure the tension rod top to the window sill and add more 12 inches. It will be the length of the balloon shade.

The third thin you have to do is to measure the fabric and cut it based on the width and the length of the measurements. It should be one continuous piece of fabric. You can add extra fabric if it is needed.  

The next thing to do is to fold ½ inch of one side of the shade to the back and press it. Fold another 1 inch again, press and pin it. Repeat it for another side and the balloon shade bottom. You will need to fold the balloon shade top to the back of ½ inch and then press it. Fold again another 4 1/2 inches, press, and pin. Stitch the top as close as possible to the pinned edge. Measure the stitch line at the balloon shade of 1 ½ inches. Then, draw a line at the back of the shade using chalk. Pin the layers to keep it in place. Stitch the top along the drawing.

The fifth is to measure the ribbon and cut it 1 1/2 times of the balloon shade length with extra 30 inches. Then, fold the ribbon in half. One half for the back of the balloon shade while one half for the front. Lift the shade with that ribbon on the desired length and then tie it above the tension rod. Then, repeat using another ribbon.

The last thing you have to do is to bring the corner up of one balloon shade side to the back side to math the length of the gathered ribbon. Stitch the corner of the shade to the side hem. Then, repeat it for the other side. Then, wad tissue sheets to fill the poufs to make it fullness.

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