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Tips to make your bedroom more beautiful

Bedroom is the most personal place for every individual. This place is a place to relax and release all the pressures during the day. Since this is the most important place, you need to make it more convenient.

This room must be decorated as the person who sleeps and spends the whole night to relax in this place. Thus, many rooms are decorated to show the user’s personality.

The main properties in a bedroom are closet and bed. For girls’ room there is additional property such as mirror and make-up desk.

Convenient bedrooms usually have window. The bigger the window will be better for the room. You can put your bed in front of the window if you want to. The window will give you fresh air since it helps the air circulation. You can also looking out the window which make your room more comfortable.

The second property in the room is closet. You can put the closet on the corner of your room. You can also mix and match the color of the closet with your floor and wall. If your room is dominated by white color, you need a different color (totally different) to balance the domination. The shocking color is used as the central view of your room.

If you have all your room’s furniture white, you can add wide black feather mat in the middle of your room. You can do this tip in all kind of rooms. The point that you need to remember is the center view on your room. What will you see for the first time when you come in to your room? The answer is of course the mat since they have distinctive color.

Mat in your room can be added with colorful pillows so you can use them either to lie down or sit down. This functional mat is not only used as a decorative thing but also used as a floor protection and laying pad. If you want to read more tips about bedrooms you need to check the next article from me.

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