Your pets comfort, safety and them being happy are important factors to every pet owner. Making sure that your dog has the right dog house based on their size, breed, and needs is a wonderful way to show special care for your four legged friend.

The search for the correct dog house doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can make an educated choice simply by knowing something about the particular breed of dog which will indicate size and weight. While it may seem very clear, many people overlook the obvious. You need to take into account how large your dog is, or if it’s a puppy how large it will grow to. If you skip this step you may end up with a dog house that is just not going to work for your pet.

Large breed dogs also seem to be happy with a little more space to stretch out. They need to be free to move around too. Ducking their heads slightly to enter perhaps but be able to enter, and turn around without feeling confined. You don’t want it too big either as the extra space and an opening too large will allow the needed warmer or cooler air to escape. This is especially true when the unit has a climate control unit. Conversely the smaller breeds, while still in need of comfort, tend to be happier in a small space that is more personalized to their size.

The breed of your dog can also give you a guide on the dogs level of activity. The more active dogs can be a little harder on their space so you want to make sure the unit is durable with strong materials and built to last. Also factor in the amount of time spent in the home. If your dog is primarily outdoors then they need enough space for sleeping, eating maybe even some toys to entertain them. If your dog is mostly indoors then the dog house is a short rest area from the cold or the heat at times. In this case they may not need the extra space.

When you start shopping for a dog house you may be overwhelmed by the choices. Keep in mind the needs of the pet – time spent, their size as a mature pet, and level of activity. This will guide you to a selection of houses most suitable for ‘your’ pet. From here, you get to select from the most basic designs, add on some features to make it more attractive and serviceable or go all out with a gorgeous luxury home. Oh wait, almost forgot, if you have two pets, similar in size look into the option of a duplex with removable wall so they can socialize of stay independent of one another.

Each of the options available has features and benefits that will make your dogs time spent in the house a happy and pleasant experience. Shop wisely and don’t overlook the basic needs of the pet, their size and their breed. Making an educated selection means that you invest in a home that will suit your pet and you can both enjoy for many years. come.

Follow a few simple guidelines to get your dog the correct dog house size.