Choosing eco-friendly house cleaning products ensures a home with clean air. Living in a non-toxic home goes a long way by improving the environment and bringing the homeowner peace of mind. As global warming continues to be a major concern, people are starting to turn to eco-friendly practices to help save the environment for future generations. Below I have listed a few eco-friendly ways to a cleaner home.

What’s Under The Kitchen Sink?

The kitchen sink is the most common place you will find toxic products. Oven cleaners, sprays, waxes, and polishes are found in abundance under the kitchen sink. Look at some of the labels and you find words like poison, danger, warning, or caution. Many of these bottles and sprays can leak small amounts of poison into your kitchen. Plus, these household poisons are one of the most dangerous threats to the health of children.

What You Should Know About Household Hazardous Waste Pickups

This is very important, do not throw hazardous waste down the kitchen sink nor should you throw them away in the trash. This can cause serious pollution problems. All you need to do is call your local recycling center, town or city hall. Most cities, towns, and villages have at least one yearly household hazardous waste pickup day.

Find The Toxic Products and Replace Them

Replace your toxic products with biodegradable substitutes. They help reduce toxic strain on the environment by lowering the manufacturing required to produce these products. Look for words on the labels such as poison, danger, warning, or caution. Words like poison/danger indicate products that are the most dangerous. These are highly toxic and ingesting small amounts in some cases can be fatal.

There are many ways to adapt green living into your life by taking a look at your home. Recycling is an excellent way to save our environment. Try to buy, as many eco friendly house cleaning products as you can that can be recycled. Every little bit we do is a much-needed step toward reserving natural resources for our future generations. Get involved with the environment and start by using eco-friendly products and practicing green living!

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