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How to Win the Election and Clean House

Thank Heavens for George Bush! With elections coming up, neither Republicans nor Democrats want to appear soft on terrorism, genocide, nuclear detonation in urban areas, nor overdue parking tickets. Both parties agreed to take care of you, me and Grandma Jones and make sure that all the telecommunication companies are free to work with Georgie Wuh and continue to listen in on anything they want at anytime. Finally Obama had the back bone to cave in and side with Johnny boy and the Bush. Obama didn’t want to appear soft on terrorism either, so what’s a few liberties when votes are at stake? And it’s about time.

At least we don’t have wimpy politicians like David Davis in the UK who stood on the steps of the Palace of Westminster to announce his resignation from the House of Commons! It seems he was outraged that the House would vote to detain suspected terrorists for 42 days without charge. He accused the government of presiding over ‘slow strangulation of freedoms,’ and the ‘ceaseless encroachment of the state,’ into their daily lives. Spineless!

Somebody has to listen in on every conversation on the phone. After all, these terrorists are on every corner. Britain and Cousin George have made it a new law to glorify terrorism…wow! I love it!

They’ve made it law to incite religious hatred. That is the way to get rid of hatred, hate it, stomp it, jail it! Kill the bastards! Oh, I am so proud of the stodgy Brits with their new law of 10 years now, the ‘Anti-Social Behaviour Order.’

It is time we woke up, America! We are the land of freedom and we cannot have freedom unless we can account for every single person on our soil, where they are, what they are doing and making sure they are doing the right thing and in the right way! Every person needs to know the REAL history of America and its leaders. Each of us needs to know what the other is doing in order to keep each other on the right track. It is time we realized that security is everything!

We need to learn from history. My parents went to China many years ago for a two week excursion. They were amazed to find that if you left your camera on the park bench no one stole it! I remember reading at that time a big editorial in one of the leading religious magazines praising China’s people for their honesty and telling us how we should be more like them.

In those days China had no cameras to watch its citizens, no biometric scanners or centralized databases, yet they were the most respectful, honest people on this earth! Much like President Bush now, we have Chairman Mao to thank then, for all that wonderful change in the people.

Chairman Mao’s slogan was, ‘Serve the People,’ and it rang out in all humility wherever he was, from the concubines that surrounded him to the litters that carried him by the peasants. All Chairman Mao had to do was simply kill 70 million people to get that degree of honesty, a small price to pay for security. My parents got their camera back.

So, all you wonderful Statespeople folks in that idyllic Washington, D.C., my hat is off to your courage, your clear thinking and your vision of the future of our country. After all, what’s a little change here, a law there? Congratulations in being arm in arm with Chairman Mao!

We are a nation of laws, of security, a nation of honesty! Let’s see, 300 Million people, less 70 Million, that’s about, roughly, nearly 230 million people…OK, that is an acceptable number. It’s just cleanup, collateral damage. Oh, you divine thinkers, so glad you’re in charge!

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