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Steps to Build a Cheap Chicken House

In order to effectively build a cheap chicken house, there are some predetermined steps that you should be following. Failure to perform the steps in the right order could mean that you wind up with chickens that don’t lay eggs.

That’s virtually every chicken farmers worst nightmare, so taking the time to progress through the steps correctly is an incredibly smart plan.

Here is what you can do to build a cheap chicken house.

Choose A Small Chicken House

The first thing to do is to consider a smaller size. The first reason this helps reduce costs is simply because obviously you will need less building materials to build a smaller size, therefore saving you money.

Secondly, small chicken coops tend to require less upkeep as well, which will further reduce your costs. Unless you plan to have chickens that lay eggs for commercial purposes, you really don’t need an overly large chicken house. Small should work just fine.

Use Lightweight Materials

Moving on, the second main ‘must’ that you should be doing is using lightweight building materials. This is what will help ensure that your chicken coop maintains structural integrity and typically, these types of materials are also a great deal cheaper.

Look For Good Pieces of Land

The second most costly part about building a chicken coop, next to building materials, is landscaping.

Therefore one very good way to build a cheap chicken house is to landscape yourself. If you do this then you can save hundreds of dollars off the building costs. Landscaping isn’t really all that difficult but you do need to have a solid understanding of what you’re doing to be successful.

Find A Guide To Help You Through It

Finally, the very last thing you need to do to build a cheap chicken house is to find a guide to lead you through the process. Many chicken farmers try and attempting building on their own, but usually this ends up in them having to rebuild certain portions by the end because mix-ups have happened or it leads to a coop that the chickens will not lay eggs in, rendering it almost useless.

So, get yourself a good guide to follow and then get started. With guidance it’s something you can easily do over the course of a weekend successfully.

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