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Keep Your House Clean to Avoid Asthma Attacks

If you have an old vacuum cleaner with a worn out dust bag, you may be putting back into the air a percentage of the dust you have just picked up. In this case, it is not worth considering replacing it with a type that does not have a bag nor has a special filter.

These cleaners are promoted on anti allergy grounds because they remove more dust than conventional models and are usually dearer. Remember that whatever type of cleaner you buy; you will need to wipe all surfaces and damp dust floors with a mop and a bucket.

Indeed, if you choose to have sealed, washable floors, which are the most practical in the early years when your child is spending a lot of time playing on the floor, you may find you hardly ever use your vacuum cleaner.

Children spend a lot more time in bed than adults do. In the past, the feathers in pillows, duvets and cushions were thought to be the cause of many asthma reactions, but experts now believe that the dust and dust mites which collect around the feathers are often the real cause.

Unless your child is also allergic to feathers, a new feather pillow with a completely sealed casing is less likely to cause problems than an old, infrequently washed synthetic pillow.

However, if your child’s pillows are likely to be subjected to pillow fights or other extreme wear and tear, you would be better to opt for synthetics because they are easier to wash. Replacing pillows every year is recommended.

Anti allergy duvet covers and pillow covers seal the duvet and pillows from mites while allowing air through. Whatever type of bedding you use for your child, air it outside as much as possible. Wash all your child’s bedding frequently and turn his mattress regularly.

The best kind of bed is one on legs rather than a blocked in divan, because the dust and mites will fall from the mattress and bedding to the floor and can be vacuumed up. Bunk beds are not a good idea as dust and mites will fall from the top to the bottom bunk.

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