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Around the House Safety – 16 Tips

Safety around the house is more important now more than ever. Read these tips and keep safe.

1. If you are home and suspect you are not alone – stay where you are, close the door, and call 911. Never try to confront the intruder. If you do not feel that you can talk, call 911, and leave the line open. An officer will be able to trace your call and find your address. Do not hang up the phone.

2. It is a good idea to plan an escape route. Know how to get out of your house from every room. Consider windows when doors are a long way away.

3. Designate a meeting place outside of the house (a big tree, the mailbox by the road, etc.). If you do this, you will know when everyone is out of the house in case of an emergency. Practice your escape routes and meeting place with your entire family.

4. If you have an alarm system – use it! Know how to set it and how to use the panic button.

5. Make sure that your house number is easily visible from the street (especially when it is dark). If the rescue team needs to find you, they don’t need to be hunting for your house.

6. Never open the door until you know who is there. If you can, install a peephole.

7. If you are not expecting a package, don’t open the door for delivery people. If you get an expected delivery, get the company’s name, and call them to verify the delivery before opening the door. Keep the door closed while making the call.

8. Put up a “No Soliciting” sign up. That should stop (or at least slow down) unwanted visitors.

9. Do not let a stranger use your phone. Make the call for them if you suspect a real emergency.

10. Get a dog. They will bark to let you know that someone is at the door.

11. If someone is dropping you off at your house, have them wait outside till you are safe inside.

12. Carry only a few packages and put them down when opening the door. Bulky or heavy packages could delay you from getting inside quickly.

13. Approach the door with your key in hand. This allows you to open the door quickly.

14. When driving into your garage, keep your headlights on. This may help illuminate an intruder.

15. If you are walking home and suspect that you are being followed – call 911 and go to a neighbor’s house. Do not enter your own home until help arrives.

16. Drive into your garage with your doors locked. And do not open your car door until you close the garage door.

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