There is no denying that moving into a new house can be really exciting. On the other hand, the actual move itself can be much different than fun or exciting. You might even know people who declared that they “would never move again” after their last move experience. Moving is a big project, no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving out of a two bedroom apartment or a five bedroom house, if you have lived there for any length of time, you have likely accumulated lots of stuff.

One of the single smartest steps you can take towards making your move an easier one is to get organized. Skipping this step turns a tough move into a total nightmare. No matter how busy you may be, finding some time to get organized is simply a must. An organized move might be difficult but the alternative, a chaotic move, should be avoided at all costs!

A side benefit of sorting and organizing your stuff prior to the move is that you discover items you might not realize you still owned. Odds are that if you forgot you had it, you don’t really need it. If it is in good condition, there is the opportunity to donate it to a charity. Or, if you prefer, you can hold a pre-move garage sale and maybe make a few bucks to help cover the cost of the move. If it is not in good condition, the time is right to get rid of it. No matter how you dispose of these unneeded possessions, the good news is that you will have fewer things to pack, move, and unpack in your new home.

When it comes to packing, moving, and unpacking the boxes, you can either do it yourself with the assistance of your family and friends, or you can choose to hire professional movers. For anyone who has ever used a moving company, they will tell you that it is the ultimate in stress free moving. Of course, this method does have a downside or two. One is finding a company that has a good reputation, and the other is that this approach is more expensive. However, the reduction in wear and tear on your body, not to mention the reduced stress may well offset the cost of hiring a moving company.

To find a company with a good reputation, you can ask your friends, family, co-workers, and other associates for referrals. Another option is to use some of the rating services that you can find online. With just a bit of time and planning, you can minimize the stress of moving.

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