A house flip starts with the successful search for the right property. Yes, not all properties will work when flipping houses. There are a few types though that is deemed perfect for this for form of real estate investing. Learn what they are before you even start hunting for deals so your effort is not wasted.

Fixer Upper Homes. Is you haven’t heard about them, these properties are probably called “handyman specials” in your area. As their name suggests, they are perfect properties for a handyman. Therefore, they require some repairs. You shouldn’t view these repairs as a weakness of fixer upper homes. In fact, these repairs are their strength. They are perfect when flipping houses because they can be bought a deeply discounted prices. They need repairs, remember? Also, they are what rehabbers – or investors who fix up properties – need. To search for these properties, drive around your target area and look for houses that have obvious signs of neglect.

Bank Owned Homes. These properties are literally owned by banks and other lenders. They are also perfect for a house flip business because they are very cheap. But why are banks selling them at deep discounts? The country’s foreclosure problem led to a tremendous number of bank owned homes, which are repossessed from owners who failed to pay mortgage. Instead of letting them rot, lenders are trying to recover at least a percentage of their losses by selling these houses fast. Most lenders, however, will not allow the property to be placed under an assignable contract. You can still flip it by borrowing transactional funding.

Rental Properties. Rental properties, obviously, are for rent. They are not for sale – or so you thought. Being a landlord is viewed as a long term mode of real estate investing. In some cases though, it doesn’t work that way. Some landlords simply give up because the property is often vacant. Sometimes he gets too tired managing tenants. If he is a tired landlord, then he is likely to sell the property at a low price. And if the property is undervalued, it is perfect for a house flip. In most cases you won’t even need money to flip these properties because you can place them under an assignable contract.

Flipping houses is more profitable is you flip only the right properties. To know more about this business, simply go to Rehab-Real-Estate.com right now.

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