According to many Filipinos, condominiums, apartment buildings, as well as townhouses are some of the most popular and modern types of housing in the Philippines today. However, though many Filipinos wished to live in these types of housing, many Filipinos still chose to live in a simple, traditional house rather than these modern types of housing. So why still choose a house?

Why other types of housing became modern?
The reason why condominiums, apartment buildings, as well as a number of townhouses have been recognized in today’s market as some of the most modern types of housing is because of its benefits, such as its accessibility to key locations of the Philippines such as in business and commercial districts.

However, there is one major setback in these types of modern housing, particularly among condominiums and townhouses. This is its expensiveness. According to many Philippine real estate experts, Filipinos believe that anyone living in a condo unit or in a townhouse, particularly in these locations, are considered wealthy and of high stature such as company executives.

Because of its expensiveness, not all Filipinos can afford to buy a condo unit or a townhouse, particularly in those locations. This is the reason why houses are still popular in the market, as well as highly in demand. This is due to the fact that houses still remained as one of the most affordable types of housing in the Philippines.

A House for Every Filipino
The reason why houses have become affordable, particularly in today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyles is because the competition to provide the best type of housing had significantly grown over the years. Because of this, many homeowners and associations decided to lower the prices of their houses because these types of housing are becoming less popular for many Filipinos who wanted to live in a house that they can easily access from their work.

This decision allowed these typical houses to compete in the growing market. And because not all Filipinos can afford to buy a condo unit or a townhouse, according to many Philippine real estate experts, these cheaper houses became more popular among many Filipinos.

Although not as popular compared to condominiums and townhouses in terms of location, these types of housing can still offer the accessibility that Filipinos needed, particularly because the construction of LRT 1 and MRT extension is almost finished which will allow easier access to business and commercial districts from other locations.

More affordable compared to apartments
However, in terms of affordability, apartments are still considered as the most affordable. This is because residents would only have to pay rents rather than invest thousands of pesos to buy a house.

However, according to many Philippine real estate experts, a number of new houses in the Philippines today are said to offer deals which rivals that of renting an apartment. This is because these new of houses can be bought and paid in installment.For more information visit to our site at

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