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Building a Home Sauna Room From a Kit

Building a home sauna is within the DIY abilities of most home improvement enthusiasts and, with saunas now available in kit and prefabricated forms, the job has never been easier.

All that is required is careful planning, attention to detail and an “unrushed” approach.

The steps that you need to take

The size and location of your sauna project are the first and most critical factors that you need to determine.

Where the sauna is located will establish its overall size, the position of its door, the availability of ventilation and which forms of energy can be used.

Many saunas are situated in unused bedrooms, but using an area within a large bathroom, a loft, a cellar, or an external building are all viable options.

In terms of ventilation, all that a home sauna requires is the same level of ventilation that is necessary for a normal bathroom or shower room. If this is not available, then an extractor fan can be fitted and used when the sauna is in operation.

With the sauna location now determined you can next establish the sauna kits size. This will be dictated by the size of the room (or the portion of it that you intend to use). Simply decide where the sauna needs to fit and then take a length, width and height measurement to confirm the maximum sauna size that you can fit.

Buying a kit

Equipped with these measurements and knowing that the selected space has a power supply and adequate ventilation, it is simply a case of selecting a sauna kit that complies with your space and budget requirements. All kits give finished size measurements, so it is just a case of selecting kit options that meet your size criteria.

Many sauna kits and kit designs are available and they broadly fit into two distinct categories. The first is a “material” kit and the second is a “prefabricated” kit.

Material kits

Material sauna kits are comprised of all the materials required to build the complete internal lining of a home sauna room with bench seats and a stove or infrared heater.

These kits are in a range of sizes, each aimed at a different sauna dimensions and they range from single room occupancy through to rooms capable of seating several people. Each kit contains a series of timber sections that are cut to “size and fit” and that only require trimming to the “exact” length of the fit space. These kits take 2 to 3 days to build into a room, but require nothing beyond general DIY skills and a simple tool kit.

Prefabricated kits

Prefabricated kits take the ease of home assembly one step further. These prefab packages arrive with the walls and roof of the sauna pre-assembled and they require nothing more than the bolting together of the already assembled sections. They can be completed in a matter of hours.

Prefabricated systems can also be supplied as stand-alone sauna buildings that can be erected on their own foundation in a garden or back yard.


Most kits invariably include a heater of some description, but it can be advisable to upgrade from the most basic heater offered in the kit to something more powerful.

Most modern heaters are electric stoves that heat up quickly, but infrared heaters are an alternative and they all but eliminate moisture and water vapour from the sauna experience. They are also instant in their heating effect and very cheap to run.

To find out more about sauna kits and to see examples of the different kits and heaters that are available you can go to http://www.sauna-kits.net This information site will provide you with all the facts that you need to make a sauna kit selection decision and it will tell you – how to fit the kits, how to select stoves, and give you the relative advantages of both kit types.

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