What difference can it make if you have an LCD, plasma or DLP television? They all present hd quality picture and capabilities, although there are a couple of distinct differences between the three types.

In some cases the size of the room will make a difference or where you would like to place the TV or where the room is in your home. Sometimes just the amount of light that a room gets can make the difference between what type you’ll want. Also, just how much room you have could make a difference between what you may perhaps want.

A DLP television is regarded as High Definition and offers an HD picture, however it’s a lot chunkier than a plasma or LCD television. Most DLP televisions sit on large stands which take up a whole lot of wall space and a lot of floor space. You will not be able to hang a DLP television on the wall like you could the other styles. The positive side to getting a little extra bulk and losing some floor space is that the DLP televisions typically cost a little less than the other styles. So you lose some floor space and save some money. That might be a trade off that might be worth it for you. You also are able to gain a couple of inches of screen space because of the lower cost.

So, what if you do not want to put the TV on the floor in the corner of the room? Maybe you wish to mount that treasure on the wall. You can, if you select a plasma or LCD TV. Either one of these two styles are able to be wall mounted. Of course you do not have to, you can always put them on a stand if you wish to. The nice thing about putting an LCD or plasma television on a stand is that it could be right up against the wall. All you need is room for the components below the television or in some kind of cabinet.

The variation between the LCD and plasma TV are in the way they bring the picture to life. It’s technical and doesn’t actually matter. What you’re concerned about is getting the best picture that you can get. Don’t worry; any three of these TVs provide you a terrific picture. They are all awesome and you can enjoy television and movies and play games, knowing that you have a great picture to look at.

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