My husband and I bought a little finishing house in Colorado as our little escape from the heat in Phoenix during the hot summer days. The house is located outside Durango at the lake; our closest neighbor is miles away from us and the closest grocery store is 45 minutes away. Since we both have crazy work schedules back in Phoenix, we wanted our summer home to be some kind of our gate away from the people and civilization.

As we do not have anything to cover the little boat that belongs to the property, and our garage is not ready yet, my husband – a retired military officer, came up with the idea of purchasing a camouflage netting; you know, the one the military use for their training purposes. In the beginning I did not think about it as a good idea because all I could picture was a piece of fabric on the top of our little boat; however, when my husband unpacked the camouflage netting and placed it over the little boat I was surprised how the boat blended in in the natural environment of bushes and trees! From the distance you would not be able to notice the boat and the effect was not bad!

We bought more camo nettings just in case we will need more in our little summer house.  I was impressed; the fabric was made very well and the colors were almost identical to the trees on our property. The extra ones we bought are still unpacked and we keep them in the storage room outside the house; my husband advised me that noting bad will happen to it because the fabric will work well in both cold and warm temperature.

I recently advised my girlfriend to purchase one for herself in case she needs to cover something up, as she also owns a little summer house in Colorado. I think the camo nettings are great and quite cheap as you can use them and re-use them for many seasons and purposes.

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