If you would like to sell house fast you may wish to consider whether it is worthwhile making some improvements to property. A good hall presents the scene for entire property and people make their instant buying decision based on your decor.

Sell Property Fast Presentation Tip #1

Hide the clutter!

· Put all coats, shoes and bikes into the cloakroom, out of sight!

· If you can get rid of excessive storage items in the hall, it will make it more welcoming.

· Is your hallway too narrow? Why not remove any furniture and put extra furniture into storage space?

· Your visitors should be able to move freely without dodgy objects.

· If you do not know what to do with furniture in hall then you can either put it away into a storage unit or consider selling it if it does not carry a lot of sentimental value.

Sell Property Fast Presentation Tip #2

Lighten up!

Often without a window to let in natural light, the hall can be one of the darkest places in a house.

Make the hall lighter and brighter by:

· Consider repainting the walls with neutral colours.

· Replace lights bulbs to halogens.

· Put a large mirror in the hall at a prominent place.

Sell Property Fast Presentation Tip #3

Is the flooring right?

To sell your property fast everything needs to clean and tidy including your flooring. If the floors look tired and dated and beyond repairs then consider replacing it. If the carpets are stained then either get them cleaned professionally or have them replaced with brand new carpets. Remember to keep them clean during the sale of your property.

· Using same flooring from living room into hall and dining room gives a sense of space.

· Use natural wooden flooring with hardwearing such as sea grass, coir or sisal.

Sell Property Fast Presentation Tip #4

Final Touches!

There is no need to go over the top when it comes to decorating your hall however; introducing some flowers will give it a sense of colour and personality. Unless you have cast-iron radiators, exposed radiators can look like an eyesore. You may therefore, consider installing a decorative cover. A good non-slip and durable front door mat is also essential feature in any property.

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