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The Best Way To House Train A Beagle

When it comes to house training your beagle, you may find that there are many ways and methods to train him with. You could use paper training, crate training, or you could use the direct method to house train your beagle. But the best way to house train a beagle is to just pick one method and be consistent with it.

Beagles, like many other breeds of dogs, are very lovable and want to please you. They will do almost anything to make sure that you are happy, but most owners do not make it clear to their puppy what they want them to do.

It is best to start house training right when you bring your new beagle home for the first time. You want to establish his potty spot right away. The faster you establish this and the more consistent you are with your training, the faster your beagle will learn where you want him to go potty. You can actually house train your beagle in as little as a week just by following that simple tip.

You may also want to invest in a crate for your beagle. Using a crate will also help train him faster and will be a big help for you when you cannot watch your puppy. A crate should never be used for punishment or in any other negative way. Your beagle should be able to consider his crate as a safe place for him to be able to go and relax whenever he wants to.

As you go through the house training process, keep in mind that your beagle will have accidents every now and then. This is all part of raising a puppy and they should be cleaned up immediately with a good pet sanitizer so your puppy does not try and go potty in the same spot again. The trick here is not to punish your puppy, but make sure that they know that what they did was wrong and try and watch them better next time. Often times this can be done with just a firm “no!” but only when you catch him in the act because puppies have a very short attention span and he will not know what he did wrong if it has been more than a minute or two.

As you can see, the best way to house train a beagle is to be consistent and stick to a good routine, one that works for you and your pup. If you continue to do the right things and avoid some common mistakes, you can easily house train your beagle in about 7 days.


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