Basically a green house is a building or a place where plants are grown and is made up of different types of materials such as glass or plastic roofs. These are also called a Glass House…

The structure of these houses is built in such a way that the incoming solar radiation from the sun is absorbed by the plants and the soil. The glass inside these green houses is partly opaque. This is because the thermal energy re-radiated by the green houses is trapped inside. The primary heating mechanism of the green house is convection.

There is some heat loss due to thermal conduction, but still there is a net increase in energy inside the green house. The miniature greenhouse is also known as cold frame. Greenhouses are divided in to two classifications namely glass greenhouses and plastic greenhouses.

Green houses for business operations use a high tech production technology. They generally produce flowers and vegetables. Glass greenhouses are filled with some of the equipments like screening installations, and computers control the temperature settings for the lighting, heating and cooling.

Greenhouses are much helpful in the production of crops. They protect the crops from too much of heat or cold, dust. They also keep the plants away from the pests. Arable land can be converted into an arable land by means of these greenhouses. Generally greenhouses are often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits and tobacco. The greenhouse has its own requirements when compared to outdoor protection. Control the extreme of heat and humidity, proper irrigation for providing water etc is required in this green houses.

The temperature and humidity of green houses must be constantly monitored to ensure optimal conditions. Now days wireless sensor networks are used to gather data remotely. The data is transmitted to remote control location and is used to control the heating, cooling and irrigation systems.

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