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Living room shelves | Shelving Designs

ou might be installing recessed or track lighting to provide light all over the room or to light a specific area in your room. Regardless, you’ll need to use the same principles. Placement of fixtures isn’t something we’ll get into here, but the type of light bulbs you’ll need is …

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Space Saving Ideas For Dorm Room Living

Dorm room space is limited, use these inventive ideas to keep your room space maximized, organized and decluttered. Under The Bed Add up to 24 square feet of usable storage area by keeping stuff under the bed. Measure the height of the floor to base of the bed frame height …

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Vastu Rules For the Living Room

Living room should be in the east (leaving the south-east corner) or in the north. Above any of the entrance doors on the inside of the room no photographs of any God should be displayed. 1. Living room should be in the east (leaving the south-east corner) or in the …

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Home Decorating – The Living Room

A common living area in your house should be decorated in such a way that it is warm comfortable and inviting so that everyone enjoys spending time in there. Included in this article are some tips for how to have a successful venture into the world of decorating, while keeping …

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How to Decorate a Healthy Living Room

It is often said that home is where the heart is. Most people find maximum satisfaction and relaxation in the comforts of their home. The way the decor of the house is done often tells about the tastes and preferences of the people living in it. The decor of the …

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Top Picks For the 2009 Home Living Room

The home living room is one place where people often want to update furniture periodically. You are one of those people who redecorate once a year or so you may want to read this today. You can make your choices based on what kind of room theme you would like …

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